martes, 15 de enero de 2013

STURA-R 2° Place GrabCAD Supercar Body Contest

This is my entry for the Supercar body challenge in You can vote here: I won the 2° place on the contest, Thanks to all for the votes and comments :)
The concept Stura-R is a design created to compete in the contest organized by the site [GrabCAD] which involved more than 190 contestants from around the world. The goal of the contest is to invite designers and engineers to design the car body for the chassis developed by 500 group, regardless of the outcome of the competition the organizing group is attracting new talent to offer work in Europe, Africa and America. Design features: -Dimensions: 4300mm x 2000mm x 1200mm -Engine: Supercharged V8 developed by E-Rod and GM Performance Parts. -Chassis: Tubular. -Body: Aluminum, plastic and carbon fiber.

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